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At over 99 feet long by the time Blue's tail leaves the surface for a deep dive it's farther than most scuba divers will have ever ventured, into the ethereal abyss. Photo credit: rucool.marine.

Story ran in Huffington Post August 17, 2014

Millions of Americans are furious because the rights to the Western Atlantic Ocean have been handed over to Big Oil.

Join Earth Dr Reese Halter from Los Angeles as he explains the awful ecocide along the Western Atlantic Ocean as Big Oil blasts the seafloor in search of more gas.

On July 16, the Obama administration approved the use of sonic cannons in the Western Atlantic Ocean. Millions of sea creatures will be senselessly killed by incessant sonic booms along the eastern U.S. seaboard as Big Oil scavenges for more heat-trapping gases.

Sonic booms from multi-beam echosounder systems are known to cause mass strandings of cetaceans (whales and dolphins).

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Giant Squid filmed in Pacific, January 8, 2013

Giant squids measuring in excess of 60 feet and weighing a whopping 1,275 pounds are the most mysterious and the least known gigantic critter on Earth.

Cephalopods – from the Greek “head-footed” – have at least eight arms, and this includes all octopuses; cuttlefishes and squids have two additional tentacles that they can shoot out to capture prey. Chambered nautilus – the most primitive of all living Cephalopods have as many as 90 arms.

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Australia's Coalition government lead by Prime Minister Tony Abbott has green-lighted the Carmichael coal mine, which each year will squander, in a highly drought prone region of Queensland, a whopping 3 billion gallons of fresh water from the Great Artesian Basin. Meanwhile, Environment Minister Greg Hunt refuses to address the life-ending noise pollution caused from the coal port development at Abbot Point, which continues to kill the Great Barrier Reef, the largest reef on the globe. Photo credit

Story ran in Huffington Post August 11, 2014

Each year, the lion’s share of mercury poison comes from burning more than 8.3 billion tons of coal to provide energy for electricity grids.

Join Earth Dr Reese Halter from Los Angeles in another segment of SOS as he tells us about our oceans brimming with mercury poisoning.

This work comes on the heels of research earlier this spring that found there’s so much toxic Asian air pollution from burning coal, it’s now changing global weather patterns.

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Heat from the sun, reflected off a field of heliostats (or mirrors) is concentrated onto a central receiver point to create the steam at these supercritical levels. This phenomenal achievement is likened to breaking the sound barrier. It is so impressive, its possible implications for solar thermal technology is revolutionary. Photo credit:

Story ran in Huffington Post July 23, 2014

Australia’s household solar revolution has caught the government-owned electricity sector by surprise.

Join Earth Dr Reese Halter from Los Angeles in another SOS segment as he tells how Australian homeowner are fighting back against climate disruption.

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Dan Aykroyd and Chad Boseman put on a superb performance in this epic biopic. Photo credit: universal

Story ran in Huffington Post August 4, 2014

“The Amazing Mr Please Please himself, the hardest working man in show business, ladies and gentlemen, the star of our show, James Brown,” proclaimed longtime MC Danny Ray as he introduced Mr Dynamite a thousand times or more.

Universal Pictures ‘Get On Up’ is an inspiring, emotional and masterful biopic of James Brown, one of the most influential American artists of the 20th century.

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Story ran on Huffington Post October 29, 2012

Never have two hurricanes made landfall in Hawaii in one year, never mind two in three days.

In 2010 and 2011, we saw 19 storms, the record was set in 2005 with an astounding 27 storms. The weather is getting wilder so let’s take a much closer look at hurricanes.

Hurricanes are nature’s fiercest storms, with about 18 occurring each year.

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Story ran in Malibu Times May 30, 2012

The olive tree has sustained humankind since prehistoric time. Some venerable European specimens with gnarled and twisted trunks are two thousand years old; and most religions revere this truly extraordinary tree.

About 20 species and hundreds of cultivars of olives or Olea are members of the ash family. The silver-gray, evergreen, olive leaves are the icons of the Mediterranean, and perfectly suited to the hot, dry, long summers and cool wet winters of this region.

Trees reach about 45 feet in height and in the springtime they often display exquisite white, fragrant flowers. As the oblong fruits mature they change color from green to violet to almost black.

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