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Join Earth Dr Reese Halter an award-winning broadcaster and distinguished conservation biologist as he details the wrath of global warming in our North American forests

ABC (Sydney) Organic Magazine – Book Review July/August 2012

Insatiable indeed. The population of North American native bark beetles has grown to hundreds of billions, each the size of a plump grain of rice, and has destroyed more than 24 million hectares of mature forest in the past 15 years. The reason for the beetles’ proliferation? Rising temperatures caused by climate change. And what will be the onsequence of losing all these trees? More climate change.

Following on from The Incomparable Honeybee Dr Halter, a conservation biologist, author and TV presenter, has produced another pint-sized but profound book that marvels at nature and appeals for humans to show a bit more common sense. Available online through or

by Simon Webster

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Earth Dr Reese Halter is an award-winning broadcaster and distinguished biologist. His latest books are The Insatiable Bark Beetle and The Incomparable Honeybee

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