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A Tale of Tow Kitties -- Earth Dr Reese Halter

A Tale of Two Kitties Taj and Bodhi” is a wonderful book about two majestic felines, proud and dignified.

Although they look like brothers, Taj was born in the early spring of 1998 and Bodhi in the winter or spring of 2005. Even though Bodhi is larger than Taj, he always respects the elder and never challenges him. 

This is an endearing story of two cats and an artist named Helen Schreider residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It’s a rich narrative filled with many, well-detailed back stories. I particularly enjoyed learning about how Helen established a morning ritual of eye contact with Taj.  

I was thrilled to read Taj has a routine whereby he selects the flavor of food he likes that particular day, by touching the can with his paw. I was further intrigued that he won’t select the same type two days in a row. Clearly, Taj remembers the color of the label! 

This well written book is filled with dozens of lovely color pictures. It is the second terrific cat book that retired geography professor John Ryan has authored. The Saga of the Three Companeros Pantera, Leo and El Tigre, also by Friesen Press, is another excellent and touching story by Ryan.

“A Tale of Two Kitties Taj and Bodhi” is a must read for all cat lovers. I give this splendid book two thumbs up and an ear-to-ear grin.

Reese Halter (Dr)

Los Angeles, Calif.

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